About me

A thirty something year old Malteser in love with his family but also in an intimate relationship…….with a Wolf!

My family is everything.  They add so much color to my life although there is also a need for that occasional thrill.  To get this thrill I board a roller coaster, Nursing….and I’ve been rolling since 1999.  You can’t roll all the time, can you?  So when I need a break from all the thrills, during short but frequent sabbatical periods I spend time with my family, read, surf the www (and now, blog), watch the occasional action packed film,  shoot a couple of amateur grade photos, take care of my gun collection and yes, go off to the range to burn some brass.

I bet you’re still wondering about my relationship!  The Wolf visits every now and then.  Can you tame a Wolf?  Yes, but the animal instinct is there and sometimes it takes over.  So at times, after the Wolf I end up at my family doctor’s clinic, or at the dermatologist’s, or at an acute medical consultant’s, or the rheumatologist’s, or otherwise get myself admitted to hospital with something a tad more serious 🙂  The Wolf’s first visit was in 1992.  In December, 2013 I have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  The Wolf has finally been acknowledged.  This blog is about my life, about living with the Wolf, being a Lycanthrope.  It’s about the learning curve of living with the Wolf inside me…but not letting it take over….or trying not to.

One thought on “About me

  1. Thanks for the follow on my other WP blog, sdloopy! I most likely post/comment on this blog so feel free to follow this one if you like. I look forward to reading more of your posts as I know you can relate so well! Thank you for the other visit and follow. Take care 🙂

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