War…….no dilemma.

I’ve been away for a lot of time.  I was kept busy by work (yes, despite what I’ve been reading that many have been down) and a pregnant family which now adds to four!  I’m a happy father of two!

It’s a hot Summer in Malta and those who know what Reynaud’s is, will understand that a hot Summer means painless joints.  Sometimes even the smaller joints, pains of which are there despite medication, seem to fade away.  There’s an occasional breakthrough, in the form of a constant bugging right shoulder, which is a nuisance and keeps me going very slow at times.  On the other hand, the high temperatures make it a lot harder to cope with the lethargy that is a more frequent visitor.  Well, never enough of #fuckyoulupus said.

I’ve put downa couple of thoughts about life, the relationship, war with the Wolf…..

Submissive without reservation
Another way…reincarnation?
Fight futile it might
Resign to a sorry plight?

Accept or spiral into slow mental decay
My condition is that I won’t as yet lay
A romantic shadow of former glory
Never restored, now turned gory.

My wolf, don’t celebrate!
For the fight plan is elaborate
Know that I’m not vanquished
This war waged is not yet relinquished.

Kev Sign

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