Not dead, no!

It’s been a while and someone emailed me to check if I was dead!  Tee hee hee, No, not dead but thanks for the thought.

The thing is that I’ve been a bit busy.  Ok, I’ve had a cold which is now a thing of the past and this damned shoulder pain has been bugging me for 2-3 weeks but on the whole SLE is not bitchin about too much.  Haven’t been shootin’ much because of it and my trigger finger is itchy!  I have enrolled in a photography course and gone through nearly 3000 clicks on a new DSLR…..a Nikon D7200.  I have to make up for the lack of gun shooting although the energy levels don’t allow me to go out and practice as much as I would like to.  Lethargy and Sir Reynaud are ever present, on most days.  The cold doesn’t help and my wolf’s partner, Sir Reynaud, makes sure I don’t forget about him!

Just today I was curious so I used the digital thermometer to check the temperature of my cyanosed fingers.  It read 32 degrees……then I heard it say, please check for signs of life!!

Anyways, I’m off to bed now.  Photo attached below is one of my HDRs which can be found on my Facebook page KJHolmes Photography as well.  Oh, by the way, let me know what you think of the watermark I have created.

Until the next one, I hope you all keep well.

DSC_1325 (1)e

Kev Sign

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