Lupus Support Group – Malta

As a follow up to my previous post of June 23rd, I have news to share!

The meeting of the Lupies was a great success.  There was 10 of us there, 8 of which suffer from SLE.  We shared our experiences and also discussed the possibility or reviving a support group which was active some time ago.  Since then we have started two groups on Facebook.  One is an open group which anyone can join.  The aim of this is to reach out to other Lupies, spread the word, increase awareness, and the like.  The other is a closed group for local Lupies only.  People can join this through an invite but must be affected by Lupus.  A private message to the admin of the open group will start the ball rolling for those who want to join the secret group!

I am now off to translate some stuff into Maltese which will go in the open group.

Oh, nearly forgot.  It’s Summer here, so please, especially if you’re a Lupie, AVOID THE SUN!!


Kev Sign


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