Mouth care in SLE

There are various problems encountered by Lupies.  Some of which are:

  • Oral sores – usually painless
  • Corticosteroids may be used to control SLE flares.  Their side effects include dryness of the mouth, swelling of the gums, oral sores, yeast infections and bone loss (which eventually affects the movement of the jaw).

What to do?

  • Get a note from the rheumatologist addressed to your dentist explaining your problems. Even better, get them to meet or call eachother.
  • Do tell your dentist that you have SLE and about any oral sores you had in the past or have now.
  • Every time you visit your dentist, take a list of all medications and any supplements you are taking including any allergies, drugs which made you sick in the past, or others which your Rheumatologist has cautioned you against. These can affect the way cleanings are made or drugs which need to be prescribed.
  • Keep your mouth healthy, visit the dentist regularly – every 3-6 months.
  • As we said, some meds can dry up your mouth. This dryness may be uncomfortable, it increases the risk of cavities, causes damage to the gums and then, if present, dentures fall off.  Thus you need to keep your mouth wet.  Here’s how…
  1. Drink 1.5lt-2lts daily unless contraindicated by other conditions
  2. Spray water topped with a little amount of mouth wash solution into your mouth frequently.
  3. Avoid salts, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.
  4. Wash your teeth properly once or twice a day

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