Don’t get yourself tattoed….

….if you’re a Lupie!

First things first.  I’m not painted myself but I really like tats.  Their history goes way back to the 18th century and since then, it has evolved with regards to techniques, materials, and safety.  So your question now is, why the bloody hell shouldn’t a Lupie get a tat?

Unless one is affected by cutaneous Lupus, there is no reason why a tat would make any damage.  Also, many tattooists take pride in offering a safe service with sterilized equipment: FACT! But, can anyone ever be a 100% sure that the items were sterilized properly and/or stored well and that it’s 100% safe? FORGET IT!

To keep this short, the diseases which can be contracted with tattooing are Hepatitis B and C, HIV, infections with common bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Endocarditis. Dr. Thomas (2104) holds that these infections can be deadly especially if someone is on immunosuppressants – drugs commonly used to ‘combat’ Lupus flares.
These diseases greatly limit the physician’s ability to prescribe medications to control SLE especially during flare ups.


So, that’s my 2 cents on it.  Just in case you’re still adamant that you want to ink yourself, he’re some Lupus tats for you.




Keep safe.


Kev Sign

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