Oh my Blog!

I haven’t posted in some time now.  I was coping with family life, study and being really busy at work in a place which is insensitive to the needs of a person with Lupus (nothing new really).  This has been draining my energy levels, which, sincerily speaking, are quite ok compared to those of others I know. I have also been doing some shooting for a couple of times when I was ok.



Today is my 5th wedding anniversary.  I love my family (wife and son) and thank God for them every single day.  My wife has been so supporting through the downs which SLE put me through during the last 4 years (Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pleurisy, and Pericarditis, and the daily pains and groans at night) until I was diagnosed last December.  My son helps me forget (yes, forget!) the pain which the meds often do not take away.  I hate Lupus with all my fucking heart, I miss me and long for the old me to be back every single day BUT I love them to bits and they make pulling through so worthwhile, I love life.  They give me purpose in life and that is something I wish onto all fellow sufferers, purpose.  Whatever it is, purpose is strength to fight the Wolf every single day.




So, I log in today to post something for the few followers that this blog has gathered along the few months it has been on and what do I find?  OH my dear God…..over 5200 views!  That’s nearly 4K more than what I had left off 2 months ago!!!  Woooohoooooo.

I just want you ALL to know that you made my day and that

You Rock Hand

So, October (and May!) is Lupus Awareness month and so I decided to put on some of this stuff here:

If you don’t know Lupus, then you could read through this.  It’ll take less than 5 and give you quite some insight into the disease.  If you don’t feel like reading, just watch the Youtube clip below.  No excuse now, HA!

And please, for the sake of those who fight the wolf every day, try to raise awareness.  Here’s how to in simple, inexpensive ways.



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