Very graphic post!

So I’ve been waiting for weeks to go out and shoot the gun I purchased lately.  Image

I have had to wait for the transfer of the gun ownership, then for a day off work, then that day off work had to be free of lethargy or pain and shit, and today was the day I was waiting for.

My hands, with the change of weather warming everything up, are ok at the moment.  An occasional Reynaud’s attack but nothing major.  It’s not warm enough for the fingers to swell up, not cold to make my hands look like those of the deceased.


But, here it comes.  After sunny periods and warm days, the 2nd day of June decides to give us this


It’s windy, coldish, with showers.  Ok, no sun, no uv rays, that’s good BUT still not ideal to be on the outside, turning blue and risking another DVT.  So a change of plan is needed.
Much needed WordPress update.

Correcting dissertations.


Some reading.



….and an occasional cup o tea!


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