The Sabbatical Wolf!

This last period was charaterised by two total opposites.

I have experienced a debilitating bout of fatigue after a day’s work.

To make matters worse, my wife was in for her night shift and I was meant to care for our 19 month old hurricane Karl!

To ease them off totally, my mother came to the rescue.  She took over bathing and feeding the little boss whilst I slumped on the sofa doing a lot of nothing.  The Almighty made sure that Karl slept like a log….and guess what, me also!


The opposite has been also true this past week, where i managed to plan some rest periods, I particularly enjoyed work (not being overly tired and all), managed to slot in a lot of stuff and kept the Wolf on a sabbatical vacation!  These past four days have been good.  Temperatures are rising slowly and being on the outside is comfortable.  The downside, I have to avoid the Sun like I was a vampire.

Today I met a fellow SLE sufferer.  We spoke for over an hour about a lot of things, amongst which, how the Wolf affects us.  For those who know not, well, it affects everyone differently, which makes things so much more difficult, for everyone!  BUT, talking about it seems to help.


But I was away mostly because:

Yes, PC was in for an upgrade.
No I wasn’t admitted to hospital.
Yes, I hate to post here using the tablet.
No I’m not dead.
Yes, I’m posting an update on Scarring Alopecia.
No, I’m not totally bald, yet!



Kev Sign


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