Alopecia Areata 2

You see, I’m just like Tom here.


So even when it comes to balding, I just don’t follow that typical pattern everyone’s so used to!  Tee hee hee.

Since 1995, so much has been said about my Alopecia Areata, just as I explained in a previous post about it.  It was attributed to stress.  I didn’t feel I was so overly stressed in my life as to have such reactions and since I never gave a bleed I just believed it was so, until 2007.  My fiancee at the time (wife for the last 4 years) decided we should be revisiting a dermatologist, the third!  She never takes anything at face value and I stood no chance of talking her out of it.  Well, a few months ago, I was happy I didn’t but you’ll have to wait for another post about that.  I’ll call it Scarring Alopecia.

We’re sitting in the dermatologist’s office and have already gone through the interrogation I nearly got used to by now.  He said he needed to take a couple of skin biopsies to see what was going on at the ridge of a couple of them patches where I was loosing hair.  Punch biopsies he said.  I just didn’t like the punch in it!

The second time I see him I’m due for the biopsy.  At the time I was a nurse in Anaesthesia so I roughly knew what would happen.  I was called in and walked into a minor surgery full of medical students, the dermatologist and a fellow nurse.  Being used to a very different routine in the operating theaters, I found it very strange that they allowed Denise in but was glad she was there.  He cleansed the areas where he’d be taking the biopsies from with the usual cold stuff, then said the magic words which few patients ever believe, “This might sting a little!”  Yeah right, it was more like the fire of an angry Dragon who just had his testicles bitten.  Did I say I was happy Denise was there?  Well, when I felt a tear trickle down my cheek I suddenly wanted her to be sitting in a waiting room elsewhere.  People who love you suffer when they see you in pain, and probably that’s why people with SLE and a hundred thousand other chronic conditions just don’t mention their daily pains.

He injects a couple of places then checks if I’m numb.  “Can you feel me here….and here?”  I know he’s stabbing me with something but I’m not in pain so he proceeds, explaining in minute detail all he is doing to the medical students.  Everything else was painless……I feel something rest on the skin of my scalp, then a pop as he hit on top of it with a hammer (?), then some pulling when he’s suturing the site of the punch, and it’s done.  Same for the other side and we’re out after less than 30 minutes.

I had to see him after weeks for the result of the histopathological report.  He flipped through 5-6 inches high of papers, had a quick look at it and explained that there was some sort of inflammation which was causing the hair loss.  It was not related to stress or any infection but it was there to stay.  He offered to prescribe a topical corticosteroid but hey, from experience I now knew it was not worth all the goo on my head.  That was it.  Denise was satisfied and I was still, Tom, balding differently and not giving a fuck about it!

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