A day off…..at looong last.

Because there are good days too!

For starters, I do not work 7 day weeks!  If I did, I’d probably be in a cold and dark place by now.  I have a day off in four and I can tell you, resting and keeping up with life is hard when working on such a shift rotation AND battling a wolf.  Most readers will undoubtedly question this or shrug it off.  I understand their lack of basic understanding of autoimmune diseases.  My bosses themselves (not all of them), who are nurses and should empathize with me as patient and colleague don’t even get this at times.  Those battling an autoimmune disorder, oh, those know otherwise.

So today was a day off, literally, where I could spend some time alone (a basic need), but also time with my beloved wife and son…….AND get some rest too.

So I managed to go and get me some ammo for the latest addition to my gun collection.


It’s a small caliber shotgun (9mm rimfire) producing very light recoil.  It should be extremely fun to shoot….and prove useful if I ever get to teach my son, if he’s ever interested in taking the sport up (and do what his father and his aching hands cannot do most of the time).


Having said this, I miss out on most shooting events for two main reasons.  One being that I often have aching joints and the recoil makes it impossible for me to compete at anything and make it through a whole event (except air gunning), but even when I can handle that, my work shift makes sure that I am duty every time there is an event or I’m otherwise too tired to even try! So, after me time, today I have managed to meet up with my wife and son, gone round the island doing errands, off to grab a bite to eat (and it had to be a large one) and back home for a long nap which regenerated my energy levels.  Early night tonight for tomorrow I’m back on the day shift.  Gd nite!

Kev Sign

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