Review time!

So I’m due for a review with the new Rheumatologist, the one I like!  I remembered today that he had told me to repeat some blood work before I see him so I decided to contact a doctor on his firm to direct me as to what bloods to take.  If you’re a nurse, the two sides of your coin are as follows.  People either assume you know it all or otherwise try to explain to you the most basic of things assuming that you don’t know jack shit!  Tee hee hee.  No, I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining how things are around here.

“Hi, is this Dr. EC?”
“Yes, speaking.”
“I’m Kevin……..and Dr.Rheuma had advised me to repeat some tests before I see him next month.  What do you usually repeat before your reviews?”

And that, that was THE question I should have rephrased!  Really and truly I should have asked, “Is there a particular blood test we know of in medicine, which Dr. Rheuma would  not need me to take?”  That would be more like it.

“Do you have pen and paper?” she asked.
“Ah, yes.  Go ahead”
“Complete blood count, renal profile, liver profile, thyroid function, calcium, albumin, phosphates, esr and crp……oh, and a urinalysis too.”
I was tempted to ask, in a sarcastic tone I happen to use quite often, “Oh, is that all?” but I didn’t want her to be offended, after all she’s been nice to me.  Well, I think I might be asking for a type and screen just in case I need a blood transfusion after all that blood is drawn! 😀

Anyways, it will be back in the system in a couple of hours, so, it’s no big deal.  I’m just making a fuss for nothing!

Oh, P.S.

A phrase from Rambo lingered in my head when I was writing that list.  “They drew first blood”.

Kev Sign

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