I know you’re here and this

….is especially and just for you.

For you, the one who’s been diagnosed recently and are about to start reading me here.  I know how it feels girl. I’ve been there quite recently!  Hang on.  It looks very ugly at first but there is a way to be good.  You just have to find your own…..and you will!

For you, in remission, whom I regret not contacting during your worst battle.  I admire you.  Rock on!  Thanks for reading me.

Now, let me move on to other things.  For the first time in, can’t remember really, I have spent two days totally pain free.  That includes ALL the joints in my hands and fingers. Woohooo.  That is supercalifragilistically awesome.  Oh, and what about Antrolin?  Before you ask, NO, no bulging haemorrhoids down there!  This super gooey, sticky, and cannot-get-rid-of ointment is made up of a local anaesthetic and Nifedipine….which also happens to be a drug used to lower blood pressure and improve circulation in the peripheries.  I had been on Nifedipine once but it had this nasty side effect on whatever was around me…..it would turn into a large not so merry go round.  I went off it eventually but this ointment has enough of it to improve the circulation in my hands and make them look close to normal BUT it does not make me dizzy!  To celebrate I will go down to the shooting range soon but before, I’m going to rub Antrolin from my elbows down.

Kev Sign

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