To those who never click on a link to this blog…

A couple or so read all of my posts , beginning to end……
…….A few do so occasionally if they like the title
…….A lot don’t give a bleeding fuck!  I understand!  This below is for that great majority who possibly think that all these posts about my disease are all gloom, dull, pain, and that stuff there.  Well, they’re not!

I need you to know that:

  • SLE has made me want to learn all I can about the disease.  Those who know me will understand why.
  • SLE is making me want to spread the awareness.
    I have my downs, too, yes.  I will share them, but also my ups.  And I want you all to know, not for pity, not for compassion.  I neither want nor need that.  I want you to know so that if one day, you yourselves are diagnosed, you’ll know that there IS a way forward.  If you meet or know someone who is affected, well then, you’ll be better able to get on with them better, help them if they need.
  • SLE is not a death sentence.
    When you start reading stuff about it all your thoughts are channeled down one road.  Your mind is like a race car, speeding down along a muddy road riddled with potholes but the signs along that road……those are clean and bright, wording clear.  They all point one way… ugly, very ugly way to die.  Well, turning around ain’t easy but, in fact, the signs are wrong!  SLE needs lifestyle modification, a lot of it.  Most of those around you, even very close to you, might not understand you fully, but it is doable, it’s been done, it’s being done.
  • SLE might get milder with age.  Tee hee hee.
  • SLE made me realize that I should be thankful.  And although I get my moods….I always AM.  xxx

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