No I’m not a druggie

A central part of my role in Urology Outreach is patient education.  Often times I have people in the office for interviews or educational sessions.  I share an office not larger than 10X6 feet with a clerk, a white board, a LOT of paper and clinical supplies, two tables (not desks) and three chairs.  Breathing space is limited and we invade our personal space constantly.  Still, I do have my own cluttered corner.  In it a couple of pictures of my son, laptop, papers, clinical articles, stationery, spectacles, mug, and drugs……some for the pain, others for the circulation, some for the gastric reflux.  None of these gets me high.

Most of those who come into my office notice my son’s photo and ask about his age etc.  The usual talk about kids.  Soon enough some seem to get their eyes fixed on the tablets.  Their looks often change to those of apprehension.  Their facial expressions sometimes demand an explanation and the more time passes the harder they seem to find it not to look at them, again and again.  I am often tempted to remark, something like, “Yes, nurses do get sick too”.  But then I say what the fuck.  I just go ahead.  I don’t have to justify the tablets in my office to anyone, especially to the unnecessarily inquisitive gobblers.

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