The first month of this blog and a 1000 (M) views today, 5th Feb, 2014 (V-II-MMXIV).

On the whole I am currently feeling quite well.  Minor joint pains but on the whole coping very well……and your visits, likes and comments just make everything look and feel better.  I went back to reading (although most of the reading is about Lupus) after a long stretch of reading research articles ONLY.  I am thinking about how to raise awareness.  I want to meet others who are living with the Wolf although this apparently, will not be easy here in Malta.  I am also trying to start lecturing on SLE to undergrad nursing students.  It is waaaaaay out of my line of practice but I believe that I have something more to give.  I can put most symptoms and concerns into perspective, explain what it feels like….first hand.  No quotes, no experiences tweaked before they went on paper and that sort of shit.  No, everything will be coming from the horse’s mouth.

So, first of all I want to thank all those visiting the blog.

Second, again, I want to show my gratitude to those close and dear to me.  You know who you are.

Third, a message of hope to those who are living with an active flare up, in chronic pain, fatigued, immunosuppressed, sad.  Hang on in there and remember that

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