Some time ago I have read a couple of nice and encouraging comments to one of the links which this blog automatically uploads on my Faceboom profile.  No, no mistake there.  I called it so because ever since I linked the my FB account to this blog the latter’s stats went booming up. From 5-15 visits a day to 200+clicks a day…..overnight.  Woohooo!

I commented on a particular FB post that the drive to maintain this blog is twofold.  On one side there’s the encouragement I get from the likes and comments both on FB and on the blog itself.  On the other side, the thought that it can serve as an eye opener to others.

Who are the others?

Well, there’s those who need and want to know.  An increase in awareness is the desired effect on these people.  Then there’s those who experience similar symptoms but have not sought help yet.  These I want to promt to seek help but also to make something clear…..having the symptoms described here does not necessarily mean that you have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.   Then there are even more others who are probably affected by SLE, have seen loads of doctors due to seemingly unrelated symptoms probably over a period of years if not decades and nobody has ever made the link.  These might have the disease but have not been diagnosed yet.  I was myself diagnosed nearly 20 years after the first flare up.  That’s nothing new in SLE but not knowing means that we do not take care about certain aspects which are known about SLE and maybe doing more harm than good.

So there you have it!  That’s why I started this blog, where I get the drive to put everything here, to be so open about all this, to share.  I admit that it also helps me in return!

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – U2.

Dedicated to those who research Lupus.  Thanks to my wife, I am one of those screaming in the background!

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