The Sun, Reynaud and the Wolf

Thanks to Mr. Raynaud, who is a close acquaintance and a pain in the lower back….besides the joints 🙂 I now long for warm days.  Those who know me vouch for my love of the outdoors and need for not more than a short sleeved t-shirt on most days of the year.  For the last couple of years this is not true any more, thanks to Mr. Reynaud.  Now, yours truly wears long sleeves quite often, and a jacket, and most often than not, gloves.  I long for warm days because at least, when it’s warm I don’t get this.

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The warm days are nice on the joints and the fingers but warm days are often sunny days.

Sunny Gnejna

Fuck, I now remember that because of the Wolf I have to stay out of the sun….so I stay in the car!  HA!!  Gotcha!

So it’s warm, I’m by the sea, I’m enjoying my family and the sun but I’m not in it’s rays and, I get to have tea and goodies!  Tee hee hee

Tea and Goodies

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